4 Reasons to purchase Cascade genuine parts.

Why is it important to use Cascade Parts in my Cascade attachment?

At Cascade, we want to ensure that your lift truck attachment delivers the results that you need. Cascade parts are specially engineered and precision-engineered to provide superior performance with your Cascade product. For reliability and support, Cascade genuine parts are your best option. Here are 4 reasons to choose Cascade parts:

  1. Cascade parts are engineered & manufactured to the exact specifications of your Cascade attachment. We have the expertise necessary to make fully integrated and high functioning parts.
  2. Cascade offers our industry-leading warranty on all parts and an unmatched return policy.
  3. We have a highly trained, knowledgeable staff available for fast support with your parts needs.
  4. Our parts provide the same high quality that you expect from Cascade, for the optimum performance of your Cascade attachment.


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