Cascade Announces New Eng Team Leader

Cascade Australia, the global leader in providing material handling solutions, including sophisticated lift truck attachments and custom forks, is excited to announce the appointment of Neville Raval to the role of Engineering Team Leader.

Neville has worked with Cascade since 2008, when he joined as an Engineer. During his time at Cascade, Neville has worked on exciting products, developed product improvements and facilitated the reintroduction of the Mechanical Attachment range. In 2017, Neville completed his MBA, specialising in Global Business Management. In 2018, Neville was accepted as a NER and RPEQ. His dedication to continuous learning and his experience within Cascade means he is ready for the new challenge a leadership role brings.

When asked about how Cascade has prepared him for this new role, Neville said “Working  as an Engineer provided me ample opportunities and challenges to bring best out of me and helped me grow personally and professionally“. Neville will strive to continue to deliver safe, sustainable and innovative materials handling solutions and expand Cascade’s product range for current and new industries. Neville is confident in future Cascade will take unassailable market leadership in providing customised materials handling solutions by embracing latest manufacturing and engineering technologies and consistently pursuing innovation and customer satisfaction.

You can get in touch with Neville via email or his LinkedIn account.