Cascade Announces Innovation Role

Cascade Australia, the global leader in providing material handling solutions, including sophisticated lift truck attachments and custom forks, is excited to announce the appointment of Rob Whitmore to the newly created role of Manager Strategic Development– Customers and Product.

Rob Whitmore rejoined Cascade in 2008 as the National Sales Manager, focusing on dealer relationships, national sales opportunities and managing the sales team. This new role will see Rob engage with our end users to identify and provide opportunities to add a greater level of innovation to their material handling solutions. As such Rob will work closely with the Global Product Managers in the development of innovative new products.

When asked what he is looking forward to in his new role, Rob said “I am looking forward to taking Cascades’ new evolution of value added product to the market, these products and strategies are designed to enhance the use of the product by way of new technologies“. Given the tenure of staff in the region, Cascade offers over 60 years worth of experience within the materials handling industry, Rob is buoyed by the expertise, continuity and trust that our customers and end users have in Cascade.

With the continual evolution in the way that industry handles materials, Cascade feels it is the perfect time to provide customers with a dedicated resource to assist them gain the best out of their materials handling equipment. Of Cascade’s future, Rob says “The future is bright with Cascade globally investing in new areas and Cascade Australia investing in training young engineers, apprentices, sales people etc it will ensure that the legacy will be continued. In recent times we have traveled¬†down the lean path and passed savings back to customers, we have seen quality assurance be a daily enhancement to not only our business but our customers businesses. As our business world has globalised so to has Cascade and the way we interact with our customers“.

You can get in touch with Rob via our team page.