Cascade Australia Engineers obtain NER and RPEQ accreditation

Cascade Australia engineers Harish Rajanna and Neville Raval obtain their NER and RPEQ registration.

A key value proposition of Cascade Australia is the ability to both design and manufacture the equipment to suit our customers’ material handling needs.

As design is a critical ingredient to our success, Cascade currently employ 5 full time engineers. Their ongoing professional development is paramount.

Engineers Australia have a registration framework called the National Engineering Register (NER). This registration recognizes the professional qualifications and up to date professional development of the engineers in their field of expertise. This also qualifies the engineer to be a Register Professional of Queensland (RPEQ).

This week, Harish Rajanna, Engineering Team Leader and Neville Raval, Design Engineer were successful in meeting the boards’ requirements and were recognized on the NER and RPEQ. Harish and Neville have both worked for Cascade Australia for over 10 years and have a combined 30 years of engineering experience.

Congratulations to Harish and Neville!

You can check out Neville’s linked in profile here.