Celebrating 2 years Lost Time Injury Free

In an industry that is often punctuated with serious injuries, Cascade Australia very proudly achieved 2 years without a Lost Time Injury on the 14th September 2016. Today, during Safe Work Month, we are celebrating this milestone with a luncheon for our employees and a commemorative gift.

There are many contributing factors to this success but it is safe to say that the dedication of our staff to take their safety and the safety of their fellow colleagues seriously, would have to be the key to our success.

Over the past 5 years, Cascade Australia has continually strived to improve our safe systems of work, education and training, resources, tools and the safety culture and the results are evident.

Whilst this milestone is to be celebrated, we are not going to rest on our laurels. We have now put the challenge to staff for another 12 months LTI free! To assist in completing this challenge, we have launched new safety management software, in the form of an app, that allows our staff to easily report hazards, near misses, incidents and safe act observations.

We are shifting our focus from lag indicators to lead indicators in an effort to ensure we take every opportunity to correct and improve our site and therefore the safety on our site. The challenge ahead of us is to make sure the corrective and preventative actions we implement are effective for our site and our staff. To do this, we will be thoroughly consulting with our staff on site via our Safety Leaders, Supervisors, Managers and of course, the use of toolbox meetings, training sessions and surveys.

Let’s make sure that we are all working safe for the moments that matter.

Photo 14-10-16, 2 35 17 pm