Official Opening of Cascade Darra site


On the 9th October 2015, Cascade Australia officially opened the new premises at 36 Kiln Street, Darra, Queensland.
L to R: Davide Roncari, Andy Anderson, Mike Slobe, Susan Wright, Frank Altenhofen

Andy Anderson, CEO and President of Cascade Corporation officially opened the new premises. He was joined by Frank Altenhofen, Vice President- Asia; Susan Wright, Vice President Human Resources; Davide Roncari, Vice President Operations- International and Mike Slobe, General Manager Cascade Australia.

After months of planning, the relocation of the Cascade manufacturing facility occurred from May until August 2015.

Moving a manufacturing plant is not an easy task, especially when the manufacturing plant is still operating. Some of the relocation process was relatively easy and came down to timing; while others, like the Nicolas Carrera Bed Mill, took three weeks from decommissioning to recommissioning with the help of an international expert.

Without any major incidents, Cascade successfully relocated:


  • 1 x Nicolas Carrera Bed Mill
  • 1 x 4 Axis CNC Machine
  • 4 x 3 Axis CNC Machines
  • 2 x CNC Lathes
  • 1 Welding Robot
  • 15 welding bays
  • 15 semi trailer loads of stock

Cascade Darra_32_press

Like with anything new, Cascade’s new premises has brought a renewed energy and excitement not only to the staff  but the suppliers as well. We expect this energy and a new, cohesive plant layout to provide opportunities for improvement that our customers will benefit from.

 Cascade would like to extend its gratitude to all the staff, contractors, suppliers and customers who assisted and showed understanding whilst the relocation occurred.

Cascade Australia looks forward to continuing to provide manufacturing services in Australia for many years to come.