Layer Picker

Replace costly manual labour with the versatile Cascade Layer Picker

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Layer Picker


Beverage, warehouses and distribution facilities can benefit from the speed and versatility the Layer Picker offers.

When building mixed-load pallets, the Cascade Layer Picker handles single layers or multiple layers of a variety of products, including both canned and bottled product. Replace costly manual  labour with the versatile Cascade Layer Picker.


  • Lower Fork Carriage
  • Centre Load Support or “Chimney”
  • Interlocking Finger Pads
  • Product Guards
  • Electronic 90⁰ Stop Group
  • Tray Pack Extension Hooks
Swing Model

Designed for pick line applications. Driver does not need to steer inside the rail, just drive forwards and back on the rail.

The swing frame model comes with our special heavy duty mast and carriage reinforced to withstand the stress of side loading.

It swings 90⁰ so you can handle more skus in half the space by being able to pick from both sides of the rail The only one in the industry that can pick product from either side of the pick line requiring less space.

Stationary Side Mount

Used in applications utilising one sided pick lines or can move independent of the rail.

Sold with our special designed reinforced mast. The Layer Picker moves independently or with a Guide Rail System.

This model is fixed in a side mounted position.

Stationary Carriage Mount

Requires no guide rail system or special mast. No space limitation. It is fixed in a front mounted position and does not move side to side.

Typically used in warehousing operations where loads come in on a truck and they need to be split up into orders.

Stationary Fork Mount

Conveniently slips on your existing lift truck forks for quick installation and removal for occasional use in applications where the dedication of one truck to the Layer Picker is not necessary.

By mounting it on a sideshifter you get added versatility.

No Guide Rail System needed.

This model is fixed in a front mounted position.