Manufactured Forks

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Manufactured forks are the answer to any operators material handling need.

Forks are manufactured in the Brisbane workshop and can be customised to any customer specification.

Bolt-On Fork


“Bolt-on forks” are attached to the carriage (fork carrier) with bolts instead of hooks or a tube. This design greatly diminishes any movement of the forks when loaded or when the lift truck is in motion.


  • Usually the fork is bolted all the way up the upright
  • In most instances, the bolt-on design reduces deflection in the upright of the fork, thus reducing the overall deflection
  • The forks can either be bolted on from the front or the back of the carrier
  • If fitted from the front, the holes will be counter-bored / sunk to alleviate projection of the bolt heads and damaging product
  • Obtaining the correct bolt-hole pattern for each set of forks is very important. If measuring the pattern up on-site, it is important to first identify if the bolt pattern is imperial or metric. Attachment make and model information is also helpful
  • Boltholes should not be drilled on the outside heel radius. The start of a bolt hole pattern should begin at a minimum of 152.4mm above the top of the blade.
Quick Disconnect Fork


Quick Disconnect Forks are designed to be easily and quickly removed** from the lift truck’s carriage when required.

The key feature is the upper hook which allows the fork to be removed without the need to remove the carriage/fork ‘retaining bar’, which would result in ‘down time’ for the lift truck.

This design is usually required for big forks that are difficult to handle due to their weight. Another reason may be that the truck is capable of handling a different lifting tool for a different application, therefore quick interchange ability is a huge time and financial advantage.


  • Quick detach forks have an open style hook which could either fit over a round or square carriage bar
  • Depending on the surface the truck is working on, (indoor surface or outdoor uneven surface) each fork may require a lower retaining fixture to prevent the fork from unintentionally disengaging.

**Owners and operator must ensure a safe and secured method and area for removing the forks. National Safety Guidelines must be adhered to, to prevent any accidents or injury.

Folding Fork


Folding forks are designed to fold at the heel on a pin, allowing the blade to be placed in a vertical position, and secure with a chain. Folding forks are often necessary when operating in a confined and restricted work environment and for lift trucks that are transported to different work sites on trailers.


  • Folding forks consist of a blade, upright, pin and either a hook or shaft mount attachment
  • There is a chain attached to a pin that wraps around the blade. The chain locks into a pin retainer to ensure the blade is held in the vertical position
  • There are many variable to be considered when ordering a folding for assembly, so please contact us to assist you to design a safe and reliable product
Telescopic Forks

Increase the efficiency of your forklift truck by using Cascade Telescopic Forks.

Trucks and trains can be loaded and unloaded from one side – no need to move back and forth to either side of the vehicle.