Multi Load Handlers

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Multi Load Handlers

The Multi Load Handlers reduce the number of trips that are needed to load a truck by a third. Allowing you to move more loads faster, minimize damage and stay competitive.

Also helping your organization stay green by the realized energy savings. Cascade’s┬áMultiple Load Handler is designed for any application using pallets or containers to load trucks.

Spreading the forks hydraulically allows handling of 2 or 3 pallets side by side. Sideshifting provides added flexibility for aligning forks or pallets in tight areas.

  • Superior visibility through and over the frame for damage free handling at all stacking heights
  • All steel frame for increased overall durability,eliminating flexing
  • Easy access cylinders can be resealed without removing for quick servicing
  • Bolt-on Interchangeable forks for low service cost
  • Full-length, fully enclosed wrap around UHMW plastic bearings provide maximum strength and full bearing support, greatly reducing wear on bearing surface
  • Parabolic fork heel increases longevity in this normally high-wear area
  • Inner forks mounted on a chrome pin for greater inner fork stability
  • Adjustable fork set spread for ability to handle Euro or international pallets (560 to 640)