Pallet Inverter

Stand alone transfer system

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Pallet Inverter


The Series 4 Pallet Inverter offers a complete stand alone transfer system ideally suited for manufacturing, transport operators or warehouse facilities. This unit efficiently transfers loads from pallet to pallet or pallet to slip sheets. It is also at home in freezer applications, for the removal of separator boards.


  • High torque 180 degree rotator
  • Side and top stabilisers provide full load support
  • Mechanical equaliser ensures load is central when inverted
  • Heavy duty unitised frame
  • Fork lifting points for ease of transportation
  • Low voltage power to pedestal controls
  • Safety isolation switches on all main and pedestal controls
  • All moving parts run on lube free bearings
  • 3 position relief selector on pedestal stand


  • Optional opening ranges
  • Waffle grid to suit push pull
  • Automated controls
  • Forklift mounted style available