Importance of Forklift Capacity – Capacity Calculator

When working in a warehouse, or for any business that owns and operates forklifts, taking proper safety precautions is of the utmost importance. Overloading a forklift could cause it to tip over and potentially damage product, equipment and workers. This will end up costing your business more in repair and replacement costs, which can be avoided by taking the time to do the job the right way.

The capacity factor is important in your selection regardless of whether you are buying a truck with the attachment or are adding the attachment to a truck yourself. In addition to the safety aspect — stability and avoidance of damage to the truck — you should assure yourself that the truck can do the work you need to be done.

Normally, an attachment tends to move the centre of gravity of the combined truck and load forward. It does this by adding its own weight to the load side of the fulcrum, and by moving the truck’s load centre forward. The farther forward the centre of gravity moves, the smaller the load weight must be and the more likely the truck is to tip forward.

If the load-weight limit is too restricting for your job, you will probably need a truck with a higher original capacity rating. Thus selection of an attachment can also involve selection of a truck.

Head over to our handy Capacity Calculator to ensure that the truck and attachment you choose can do the work you need to be done. Cascade Customer Service will also supply you weight, lost load and center of gravity figures for the truck manufacturer’s calculations.