J series white goods clamp

New J-Series Carton Clamps

Cascade is pleased to announce the release of the new J-Series Carton Clamps and White Goods (WG Model) Clamps. These next generation clamps build on the market-proven benefits of the G-Series Carton Clamps to create a line of easy-to-use clamps for precision handling. 

J-Series Carton Clamps and WG Model Clamps are effective for handling a wide variety of loads. With models designed specifically for handling consumer paper products, white goods, appliances, electronics, wine and packaged food (canned or boxed), each Cascade Carton Clamp will help decrease your operating costs by increasing productivity and reducing product damage. The energy efficient hydraulic system also minimizes energy consumption and maximises performance.

Features and Value-Added Benefits:

  •  Improved energy efficiency with a new hydraulic valve, offering up to a 9% energy savings over the current G-Series valve.
  • Maintain visibility through the clamp for ease of use and increased productivity.
  • Added reliability through high quality, Dualseal cylinder retainer seal.
  • Hardened polyurethane rod wiper minimizes debris entering the cylinder and decreases leakage.
  • Improved cylinder rod retention that makes it easier to service in the field and provides a long, durable life.
  • New arm corner casting design with greater strength and durability than the G-Series.
  • Industry-proven, full-length, lube-free UHMW bearings for maintenance-free extended service life.
  • The WG models feature a patented 3-Finger arm design for optimal clamp force distribution and less product damage.
  • Patented Adjusta-Blocks on arms offers six adjustment points to distribute clamp force evenly along the pad surface for more precise handling (available on both pads for the WGF model and on the right pads of the WGE and WGC models).
  • Available in high and low pressure offerings to ensure attachment compatibility with the truck’s hydraulic system.

Specification sheets and technical literature is available for immediate download at www.cascadeaustralia.com.au, at the links below, or through your local Cascade representative.